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Andrew Watts has a distinctive style and very original material. His posh boy humour is intelligent without distancing himself from the audience. Lawyer turned comedian, Andrew is extremely likeable and invariably wins a crowd over as he canters, like an apologetic tsunami, through challenging subjects.

Previously a solicitor in London, he is now a full-time comedian and has written and performed four full-length Edinburgh shows, I Wish I Could Be Like Andrew Watts, Born To Be Mild, Feminism for Chaps and. most recently, How To Build A Chap.  All of them received five- or four-star reviews.

Winner – Reading Comedy Festival New Act of The Year
Runner-Up to TV’s Jack Whitehall – Amused Moose Laugh-Off
Finalist – So You Think You’re Funny, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year + English Comedian of the Year Competition

“His distinctive style stands out – a winning mixture of pomposity, insecurity and emotional incompetence, while the fury-inducing importance he places on the trivial makes for a winning comic stance.” - Chortle.co.uk

One of my favourite up-and-coming comedians, who looks and acts like he’s in middle management and whose distaste for everything laddish and fondness for cricket analogies cloaks some darker writing… There’s intelligent wit, honesty and more interesting and provocative thoughts in his show than many comics manage in a decade.” - The Scotsman

“Lovers of stand-up laced with a cerebral cutting-edge should, without further prevarication, flock to his show.” - ThreeWeeks ****