Feminism for Chaps

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Andrew's 2014 Edinburgh show was called "Feminism for Chaps".

Here's the blurb:

Andrew Watts is an "exquisitely funny" (Time Out) comedian, but he didn't realise he was a feminist... Until now. Join him as he explores, with his trademark "intelligent wit" (The Scotsman), how chaps like him can change the world.

Here's an interview with London is Funny about the show.

And here's what the critics said:

“An absolutely superb, hilarious show, right the way through to the stumps, this is smart, enjoyable and not just for chaps. It probably made me laugh more than anything else I’ve seen so far this Fringe.

“This is a show that should play in every school, college and workplace in the country until everyone gets it.

“It’s politely passionate, political, beautifully expressed and very funny.”


“Andrew Watts is so engaging, so entertaining and so persuasive that we are all sad when his clever, personal and very funny hour comes to an end.

“An intelligent, grown up, feminist show. With great jokes.”

(The Scotsman)

“It is no mean feat to write a humorous show about such an important and stereotypically dour subject matter, but Watts has achieved it with good jokes, good points and goodwill. Gender politics just got fun.” 

(Broadway Baby)

The Times chose Feminism for Chaps as one of the top shows at the Free Fringe.


Andrew’s two previous full-length Edinburgh shows, 'I wish I could be like Andrew Watts' and 'Born to Be Mild', both received four-star reviews.