How To Build A Chap

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Andrew's 2015 Edinburgh show was called "How To Build A Chap".


Here's the blurb:

Following 2014's hugely popular five-star Feminism for Chaps. Andrew wants his son to be everything that he’s not. But how do you ensure that your child doesn’t grow up to be a comedian? As seen on ITV's Stand-Up Hero and Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up.

Here's an interview with the Glasgow Herald about the show.


And here's what the critics said:

"His show is a well-crafted delight.

"A show for those bored of heteronormative gender stereotypes in stand-up and seeking fun, smart and dorky whimsy instead."

(The List)


There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall,’ the critic Cyril Connolly famously said – but that’s not true of Watts, who has found inspiration in the countless new experiences Watts Jr has bought. 

"He delivers a dense script at frenetic pace, forever grasping and releasing the mic stand or throwing back his Boris Johnson hair, which adds to his appeal as an excitable duffer. It’s a persona which allows savvy material to be smuggled behind a self-effacing charm.

"So the hour zips by and pulls all matter of subjects in its gravitational field; from the feminism which he discussed in last year’s show; English Test cricketers; his dating record, pre-wife, that could generously be termed patchy...  But it’s in service of his main narrative about the conflicting pressures on parents and the poor quality of all manner of life-lessons doled out online, usually aimed at hapless folk like him.

"But eventually – with the inspiration of his own upbringing – comes to his own conclusions and excited by the journey on which he’s just embarked. It’s an inspirational note on which to end without being in the least cheesy.”



His fun Tory MP demeanour gives way to a terribly conscientious new father and husband just trying to find his way in the world and not ruin too many lives in the process...  An impeccably bright comedian touching on important points. And cricket."

(The Skinny)


“Despite the normality of the show's theme - parenthood - Watts somehow manages to breathe new life into previously hack subjects. Whether it is his baffled, socially-awkward persona or his gleefully idiosyncratic approach to established norms, Andrew Watts has somehow made jokes about nappy-changing funny again." 

(Broadway Baby)